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Pallet delivery to Egypt

Sending pallets to Egypt

If you need to get your time sensitive or high value business effects sent via a pallet to Egypt, Barrington Freight are here to help you.

Due to its location at the edges of Africa, Europe, and Asia mean Egypt is considered part of the Middle East as well as the Arab world, both culturally and politically and of course, the country is probably most famous for its legendary landmarks including the Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx.

With 90% of Egypt being desert means Egyptian towns and cities have grown up either hugging the River Nile, along the shores of the Mediterranean or Red Seas, beside the Suez Canal, or among one of the desert oases.

Destinations we cover, both delivering and collecting from include; Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Shiek, Ismailia, Hurghada and Damietta, to name a few examples.

With Barrington Freight, shipping pallets via pallets to Egypt has never been so simple; as experts in the transport, logistics and haulage industry, we are 100% confident we can meet and exceed all of your Egyptian pallet requirements.

And for peace of mind, we have many years experience in dropping off and collecting many types of containers, parcels, cartons, wooden pallets, plastic palletised containers and flight cases, for example, to Egyptian businesses across Egypt and across the globe.

So, if you require reliable, efficient and speedy pallet deliveries to the Arab Republic of Egypt, get in touch today on 01268 525444.

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