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Pallet delivery to Poland

We provide a whole range of haulage and pallet to Poland delivery options, both import and export to this beautiful country.

Among one of the most influential and remarkable countries in central and Eastern Europe, Poland is a city full of stunning churches, castles influenced by Teutonic Knights and a labyrinth of underground tunnels which the Poles are quite rightly, very proud of.

Our years of knowlede of the freight industry enables us to deliver freight on pallets to Poland including the capital city of Warszawa, plus Krakow, Warsaw, Torun and Wroclaw to name but a few famous Polish cities.

As experts in our field, we can cater for all kinds of pallet and package sizes which can be hauled at your convenience and cost effectively too.

For more information on our ‘business to business’ freight services to and from Poland, contact us immediately on 01268 525444.

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