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Pallet delivery to Slovenia

We supply transport solutions to all customers whatever their size and Slovenia pallet deliveries to all areas of this unique Eastern European country.

This remarkable country lies between the Julian Alps, the Pannonian plain and the Adriatic Sea, neighbouring the countries of Austria and Hungary.

After splitting from Yugoslavia and becoming an independent country, Slovenia also became an active member of the European Union and NATO, characterised by its high economic and social level and because of this, the Slovene people and Slovenian businesses frequently require pallet collections and deliveries from both the United Kingdom and Slovenia.

With this at the forefront of our minds, we persevere in offering prompt pallet to Slovenia options throughout this Central European country. With lots of knowhow in the transportation and freight industry, we deliver to every area of Slovenia including its capital and largest city of Ljubljana, as well as major cities and regions such as Idrija, Bled, Maribor and Ptuj.

Need details about our pallet to Slovenia shipping, groupage options and all other transportation requirements? Call Barrington Freight today; we will be happy to you, whatever you need!

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